undefined Ondrej Havlik aka Endru, was born 27 years ago in Usti nad Labem. From a young age, it showed some rhythmic flair. Around age 12 he began to use this gift naturally, and without knowing that there is a beatbox, began spontaneously make rhythmic sounds. he studied acting at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. During the study he orinted to beatbox techniquesand began to cooperate with beatbox bands. Endru won 1st place on the beatbox CZ championship in the category "group beatbox." and wa aslo awarded at the World Cup, where he defended 2nd place. He won the prestigious European competition marathon beatbox Battle of the Splash Festival in Germany. At that time the band mako! mako was created. Endru perform in this band as a mouth drummer, vocalist and singer. For four years, he performed in the Czech Republic and abroad and worked with names like: Ricoloop, Mandy (3x German beatbox champion), Vojta Dyk, Ondrej Ruml, Nightwork, Navigators, LX-press, Karel Gott, Madfinger, Yellow Sisters, Nasty, Zdeněk Král, Vladimir Consultant and many more. Endre also worked directly for the Boss Roland German music trade fairs, presenting loopstation RC 50 for the general public.

Beatbox and vocal percussion (1+2)
Body is a musical instrument. Explore the possibilities of your vocal at Beatbox and vocal percussion workshop. This workshop is designed for beginners and slightly advanced, students who want to learn the basics or expand your beatbox skills. It will be mainly on the systematic teaching of individual sounds and their application in the beat sequence.

Beatbox, vocal percussion and Live Looping (2+3)
Body is a musical instrument. Explore the possibilities of your vocal at Beatbox, vocal percussion and Live Looping workshop. The workshop is designed for people presumed intonation and rhythmic sensibility. Students of this workshop should have previous experience either with beatbox or singing in any form. Although the workshop will also include familiarization with beatbox sounds and techniques. Later we begin to consider applications in the beatbox-improvised music, just by using the so-called Loopsation. This is a loop, which in real-time recording sounds and vocals, so people actually improvise music to the self-made music, the "band" only his vocal.