Nir Ben Gal

undefinedThe story of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal:

The two choreographers grew up in a kibbutz in northern Israel.

After finishing their military service they studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music and an additional two years at the school of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company . Soon after finishing their studies the won their first award in Israel and were among the winners at the young choreographer contest in Cologne in Germany. In 1988 they won the grand prix price in the Concours Choregraphique International de Bagnolet which was the world’s most important competition for young choreographers.

In addition to their own work and choreography Liat and Nir also worked for the Haifa theatre and the Batsheva Dance Company.

1987 – Two Room Apartment premiered at the Dance Umbrella Festival in Tel Aviv and won the “Shades of Dance” award the same year.

1988 – Equus Asinus (Donkeys) – Described the burden of daily work. They toil on the stage to the point of exhaustion. The minimalism of the piece creates a harsh and merciless atmosphere drudgery.

1990 – The Third Dance – Unusual self portrait of the two choreographers. After the constant dispute of the Two Room Apartment and the drudgery of Equus Asinus they can now enjoy their life together.

After the performance of Two Room Apartment in London, Robin Howard, founder of the world renown London Contemporary Dance Group invited Liat and Nir to make a choreography for his company. After Howards death “Rikud” (which means Dance in Hebrew) was played at his memory at The Place Theater in April 1991.


1992 – Circles of Lust. First group choreography. When they built up the Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company they did not set out to look for professional dancers alone but rather search for talented young people with a strong charismatic personal expression and exceptional artistic flexibility as well as an authority of movement.

Works by Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company

1993 – Figs

1994 – Anta Omri

1995 – The Land of Rape and Honey

1997 – Interrogation

1998 – Dance of Nothing

In the year of 2000, after the duo toured the world extensively, they felt it was time to make changes. Dror and Ben-Gal started a family. At the same time, they were facing Israel's stressful, violent, and uncommunicative political reality, as well as the pressures that the world of dance imposed, physically collapsing under the efforts. It was time for change.

They made an extraordinary move and relocated to Mitzpe Ramon, a small and simple township in the heart of the Negev Desert. There, they rented a deserted industrial hangar and slowly and gradually turned it into an enchanted palace of dance and harmony, surrounded by greenery. They named it Adama, that is - Earth or Land. For a while, the two lost touch with the world at large and the world of dance.

In this peaceful place, Dror and Ben-Gal started searching for the source of human movement when it is not driven by a judgmental mind, not pushed to the physical limit, but allows the body to form as a real and stable home. They addressed the connection between everyday life and dance qualities. Hangar Adama became home for numerous healing workshops, support groups, and of course - dance, with no contradiction between relaxation and expression, but rather a strong bond between the two. Through that period, a professional dancing troupe was formed. Under the roof of Adama

you’ll also find three studios, a big stage, the Adama Dance School, festivals attracting over 400 visitors every time, a big garden with herbs, fruit trees and flowers, guest houses and tipi’s for those preferring to spend the night in the desert landscape.

In 2012 Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal created the work Up Chi Down Chi which they now present all over the world. Other than performances they dance troupe offer workshops, guest teaching, lecture demonstrations and co-productions. Last time in 2013 Zen Dance with music of Iva Bittová at the ProART Festival.

A new work WAYS will be performed also at the ProART Festival 2015.

ProART Festival 2015

PRAGUE 26. 7. - 1. 8.

Modern Repertory + Partnering