Misato Heimann

undefined Misato Heimann started to dance ballet, jazz and modern in various schools in Japan. Studied BA(hons) Dance Theatre Course in the Laban Centre in London UK. She directed the dance production 'Midsummer Night Dance'(1994-1996) in Bern and Zurich. Also worked with Pierre Favre (musician) and danced as 'Euridice' in 'Orphee' (Expo 02). She choreographed various musicals 'The voice', 'The passion', 'Picture', 'Fiddle on the roof' (Bern) and 'Basileia' (Basel).

2005 she assisted reconstruction of the dance piece 'Sysmographes' (choreographed by Felix Dumeril) for the Jakobson Company in St.Petersburg in Russia. In 2005 She danced for different dance productions in Switzerland. In November 2006 she created with Félix Duméril the duo "to choreograph or not 2" for the dance festival TanzinWinterthur and performed the piece as well in Portugal.2007 Misato worked with Hideto Heshiki company in Zürich. 2008 she created with Félix Duméril the piece G.e.n.e.s.i.s. for the Zentrum Paul Klee. Misato is regularely teaching workshops in Switzerland.