Martina Haager

undefined Dancer, Choreographer, Pedagogue

Studied at the Konservatorium Wien, qualified as dance educator in the Chladek®-system. Artistic director and choreographer atmotionworX. Ensemble member and guest choreographer of the dance company homunculus/Vienna. Guest tutor at the Konservatorium Wien University. Tutor at the drama school Krauss, Vienna. Manager of the IGRC -Internationale Gesellschaft Rosalia Chladek.

Chladek® - system
The internationally recognized dance technique Rosalia Chladek® includes the all in all technical base for Contemporary dance. This dance-system, being independent of all trends is a usable body technique for people who want to achieve awareness in their economy of movement, want to realize differentiation and consequences of the beginning of a movement in the body and want to learn how to change the tension in their movement.

Starting from the correlation between anatomical circumstances and physical laws, basic principles are researched and applied, which are all based on harmonious economic movement. It is your own ability to sense, learn, explore and develop movement at the top. An important topic in the Chladek®-technique and in no other contemporary dance technique such a conscious subject is to learn the differentiation and transformation of tension in the body. It`s an interaction of gravity and own energy, a principal, in which the human body actually exists permanently. The awareness of the differentiation of tension in the body serves as a different way of expression. The teaching method of Chladek® is not about the production of an external form, it basically shows us a holistic development. Beside the analytical observation, the sensory perception is mentioned strongly. The attention for oneself and the surroundings is growing. Leading choreographers and dancers are trained in the Chladek® - system.