Markus Hippmann

markus_hippmann Markus Hippmann was born in 1967 in Austria, in Wels. After the velvet revolution he studied cinematography at FAMU (film academy) Prague from the years 1991-94. During this time he learned czech. Afterwards he continued his study at the film academy in Vienna. He worked as a cinematographer and photographer in Vienna and started to teach photography in 1999. In 2003 he founded a private school for photography in Vienna „Fotoschule Wien“: Since then Markus Hippmann works as a teacher at this institution and is in charge of the course of studies for photography an cinematography. His work as a teacher and a photographer is especially committed to portrait, theatre and dance photography. This has led to a fertile photographic cooperation with the dance department from the Konservatorium of the city of Vienna. The results of this collaboration can be seen in an exhibition about dance photography, which will take place during the Vienna  Month of Photography, November 2014.

The photographic course during the festival ProART is fundamentally concerned with the subject „photography and movement“ and especially with theatre/dance photography. The lessons consist of different parts. We will combine theoretic input, photographic practice and feedback to the phtographic results. In the beginning we will go through and repeat the most important technical and formal basics of photography. Before we start to take pictures we will always talk about what will wait for us in the specific photographic situation, what will be the conditions and challenges and how we can react to them or what we have to take care of. Then we will put it all into practice. Afterwards we will meet again for an „image analysis“ of the pictures that have been taken, and will discuss what has worked out well and what could be improved. I am looking forward to meeting you and spending an interesting time together.

BRNO 25. + 26. 7. 2014

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