Konan Dayot

undefined Graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris in Contemporary dance, and consecutively from teaching state diploma in Centre National de la Danse de Lyon.

He was a part of creation’s process with different choreographers as Thomas Lebrun (Choregraphique Centre of Tours), Larrio Ekson & Carolyn Carlson in the Louvre Museum for Nocturne Performance (Choreographique Center of Roubaix), Mourad Merzouki (Choregraphic Centre of Créteil), Helge Letonja (Steptext Dance Project) – Trilogy Displacing future. Beside the work with other choreographers he is working on his own projects.


Prague 29.7.-5.8.2012

The workshop of choreographers and dancers Věra Ondrašíková and Konan Dayot is focused on body movement in outdoor environments. It is suitable for experienced dancers as well as for beginners. The workshop will concentrate on broadening the possibilities of physical movement, on examining a body movement on different irregular surfaces and on related limits of a human body set by physical laws. The workshop takes place at different places in Prague (Stromovka, Petřín, Divoká Šárka etc.) and partially in a studio as well.