Karolina Kroczak



Dancer, teacher, choreographer.

Techniques: modern dance, physical modern, release modern, floor work, contemporary.
As a teacher she has been working in Egurrola Dance Studio in Warszawa since 2008. For last 6 years she has been working In Dance Theatre Zawirowania („Close-ups”, „Innocentwhen you dream”, „Fuera de Campo”, „Chopin Ambiente”, „Nothing but blue”) as a dancerand choreographer. Last 2012/2013 season as a choreographer she released two premieres: “Rzeczy, rzeczy, rzeczy” and “Dali Square”. In 2011 she directed and choreographed “Trackers” in Prochoffnia Theatre. Since 2010 Karolina has been choreographer of „Youcan Dance- po prostu tańcz” show, as a specialist of modern and contemporary techniques. In2009 she choreographed and directed „Lady Fosse” (Capitol Theatre)- the performance with celebrities and dancers from the TV show “Taniec z gwiazdami”. Between 2005-2007 she hadtook part in educational Project of Silesian Dance Theatre (High School of Performance Art). Her experience as a dancer and choreographer involved names like Daniel Abreu, Tomas Nepsinsky, Jaro Vinarsky, Juan de Torres, Jacek Łumiński, Hilke Diemer, Luise Frank.

Release modern

Praha 28.7.-4.8.2013

The purpose of the workshop is using the body movement easily and fluently. Classes areconcentrated on awareness of connectivity in body level. The idea is to learn the basicpatterns of body connections to generate more complicated ones not by copying them but bycreating equal relationships of body parts. F. e. conscious relationship of head and tail affordspine to be fully involved in the movement. Exercises are based on the rule: one change ofthe body part changes the whole. The phrases uses full range of movement, the idea is to gaineasy flow in the joints by using effective support of muscles without too much tension (byusing the core, because stabilizing elements provides more mobility of the body ). Phrasesfounds mostly diagonals chains and spiraling pathways of the movement, so technique canbe understood as consciousness where in the body movement initiates and how it sequences.Classes includes exercises, phrases and improvisation (as a tool for technique development).

Improvization without and with partner

Praha 28.7.-4.8.2013

The purpose of the class is to gain more consciousness of “moving body”. The idea isto get and give the most clear information from the body, which includes three direction of this communication: towards myself, towards the partner, towards the audience. What kind of information I can read from my body, from body of the partner, from the ground, from the space, from the sound and how can I connect it to one system of “moving body”. The main tool for this class is the functional task, which pushes body to go beyond the “empty patterns”. Classes includes: research of body consciousness,, working with the dance technique throw improvisation, working with the partner in certain tasks, contact improvisation.