Jozef Vlk

SMV-0801-018C-jozef Is author, director, composer, musician, performer and producer.

After founding the theater company Hubris (later renamed Debris) he completed several music and theater internships and workshops in Graz, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, and elsewhere. He is the founder and leader of one of the first independent theater groups Debris Company that he has been heading for almost twenty years. With his company he produced during 1991 – 2015 more than 25 productions, performed except Slovakia across the borders /Czech republic, Swiss, Hungary, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Belarus, Slovenia, Singapore, India, etc.../ He collaborated also on out-of-genre projects: France, Senegal, Germany, Poland, Austria, Australia. ...

He composed music for many dance and theater plays, films and projects. The name Jozef Vlk is associated with a number of theater, film, dance and other productions. As a director and music composer he worked with many important personalities at various Slovak and international music, theater and film projects, successfully presented both at home and abroad, with personalities such as Matthew Hawkins, Judy Kaplan, Lloyd Newson, Marjolin Sinke, F. Cox, Jean Michel Bruyére, Pauline de Groot, Martin Burlas, Milan Sládek, Marta Poláková, Šárka Ondrišová, Kamil Žiška, Miloslav Luther, Martin Čičvák, Juraj Chlpík, and many others. Currently he works mostly in theater, new electroacoustic music, contemporary dance and film. He is an organizer of theater events and festivals in Bratislava (PoolSpace 98Prosthesis). He is the music composer and also director of plays created during the past decade and produced by the physical theatre Debris Company with choreography of Stanislava Vlčeková: Soliloquy, Dolcissime Sirene, Ortopoetikum, Hexen, Mono (in cooperation with Peter Jaško / Les Slovaks), Kolísky, Epic, Clear – last year he produced and directed on the board of Slovak National Theatre stage balet The Tempest based on W. Shakespeare work.

In 2003 he directed a feature dance film Day - nowadays preparing the new feature dance for camera film. He received several awards, such as O STRA VAR award for the best scenic music (for project Cenci, 2011), and in 2012 he received the theater award DOSKY for the best music for the play Roseinsired by the work od Marcel Proust. In 2013 he was nominated for Tatrabanka art award in cathegory theatre – direction and concept for project EPIC, in 2014 in the same cathegory – direction and music to ballet The Tempest by Slovak National Theatre.

ProART Festival 2015

PRAGUE 26. - 29. 7. 2015

ACTING: Theatre atelier

The aim of the workshop is to work with the concept of a character.

The workshop will focus on adapting an actor’s or a dancer’s behaviour to a new assignment, on searching for a new means of expression or language and understanding this language, on understanding dramaturgy and on taking part in its creation. The workshop further concentrates on working with a theme, with imagination, character and the physical body, with space and unplanned events, on searching for the effect unplanned events have on the reactions of a character. We will also work with rhythm and pace, intensity and energy, with senses, with phrasing in etudes and on analysing the leitmotiv of the workshop – the shouting poetry of today – speechless poets above a town. We will elaborate on personal formulations and on the current state of our emotions, and we’ll also talk about adopting and combining individual statements into provocative stylizations. Through the final individual, situational etudes and their combinations, participants of the workshop will have a chance to realize the full range of their acting abilities in a short, contemplative and compositional process of adjusting the perception of a performance. The workshop is opened for dancers and actors.