Jeongho Nam

Jeongho.JPGProfessor Jeong-ho Nam is one of the most famous dancers in Korea. She got her MA of Dance at Ewha Womans University (Korea). She was a member of the Cie Jean Gaudin Dance Company (France) and was invited to Green Mill Dance Festival (Australia), and Avignon Festival (France). Her individual monographs, like New Dance, have been used as teaching references in many Korean universities. 
She also received the "Best Artist" award from the Korean Art Critic Committee. Now, more as a choreographer, she is the chairperson of Department of Choreography, Korea National University of Arts and also the Artistic Director of "through the Bodies" - a community aiming at the development of improvisation. She is also a visiting choreographer of Korea Modern Dance Company and Korea National Ballet Company.

ProART Festival 2015

Prague 27. 7. - 1. 8.

Body Work - Improvisation

This class will include both modern dance technique and improvisation. The first half will be based on principal technique for the dancers, emphasizing the self-consciousness and fluidity of movement. It will help participants control their breath and relax their muscles. The improvisation part allows participants to explore their inner world and discover inside characteristics. Seeing the body as the communication media, this class will focus on daily movements, but will adjust their direction, level or axis so that unique movement materials may be expressed. Also, this class will provide an opportunity for participants to discover the neglected virtuous soul.