Jelena Ivanovic

undefined Jelena Ivanovic got her dance education in Frankfurt  (Germany), Arnheim (Netherland) and New York(USA). She was a dancer at different  Germany Theater Companies (Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Braunschweig, Rostock,  Dresden) and different international dance productions (Netherland, Italie, New  York, Switzerland). 2000 she got a prize from Germany (kunststiftung NRW) for  talented dancers. She founded 2004 her own dance comany "Ivanovic - clan". Since this  time she made the choreographies: "los - heimat - los", "Lomo", "Rettet die Welt - oder neues vom Ponyhof"  and "Campari".

Choreographies was performed in theaters in Germany  and Switzerland and presented on international Festivals:  Tanzwochen Dresden (D), ProART Festival (CZ), TanzZeit Winterthur (CH),Off Limits  Dortmund (D). Since five years she is teaching with Dominik Müller Argentine Tango. She gave special Tango Workshops for professional dancers, where she teaches Tango with elements of contact improvisation.