Igor Ondříček

undefined Do you have in your mind any theme which you want to tell us? Do you want to express your invards feelings thanks to acting? Do you have any thing which you are afraid of show it for yourself? Try to touch acting or playing - finding your own - play with situation, appointment, with words and movement.

Classical etudes, improvization, working with text. Working solo or in the group. Fantasy and your personality.

Graduated at the JAMU in 1994. Since 10. 5. 1994 he has been working in the Theatre of City Brno.

He has been a leader of operetta since 1. 7. 2003.

He likes to remember these roles:
Rodrigo (Othello), Robespierre (Play about love, death and eternity...), Plantagenet (Elisabeth of England), Bulanov (Forest), Champlatreaux (Mamzelle Nitouche), Magician, Prince (Cinderella), Mercuzio (Romeo a Juliet), Ivan Bezprizorný, Matouš Lévi (Master and Margareth), Capo (Two gorilas against mafia)

Parts from repertoir:
?Větříček"(AMADEUS); Rudi (WORLD FULL OF ANGELS); Kamil Champsboisy (BEETLE IN HEAD); Cyrano (CYRANO Z BERGERACU); Riff (WEST SIDE STORY); Bedřich Škoda (MY FAIR LADY (from Zelňák)); Lieutenant Lukáš (THE DESTINY OF GOOD SOLDIER ŠVEJK); Dad (MAY); JUDr. Matrace, trooper (KDYBY TISÍC KLARINETŮ); Kaifáš, high priest (JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR); Lisardo, son of Curcio (Sign of cross); Poseidón (ODYSSEIA); Jupiter (ORFEUS in the nether world); Jupiter (AMFITRYON); Sziladí (GYPSIES ARE GOING TO THE HEAVEN); First clerk of gestapo (IN LION'S MOUTH); Clyde (WITCHES FROM EASTWICK); Diviner, old earl Kristián, buyer from armenia (MARKÉTA LAZAROVÁ); Frank (HAFFNER'S SERENADE, THEATRE'S DIRECTOR)

He has acted in these performances:
Václav (NAŠI FURIANTI); Biron (LOST LABOUR OF LOVE); Orin (SORROW PASS TO ELEKTRA); Taber (FLY ABOVE CUCKOO NEST); cabareter and customs officer (CABARET); Don Giovanni (STONE GUEST AND/OR PROFLIGATE); Duke from Buckingham (HENRY VIII.); Captain Brice (ARKÁDIE); Psychologist,swab (HAIR (VLASY)); Hrabě Muffat de Beauville (NANA); Antonio (STORM); Don Lockwood (SINGING IN THE RAIN); Dr. Falke, notary (BAT); Assistent of direction (GINGER AND FRED); Sarastro (MAGIC FLUTE