Igor Dostálek

undefined He graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the JAMU (Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts) in Brno, from the studio of doc. Josef Karlík and prof. Nika Brettschneiderová, where he met his teacher Hubert Krejčí - an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the field of anti-illusionist theatre. Then, he devoted himself to the project of the fledgling private Christian Radio Proglas (presenter, performer, director). Since 2002, he has taught the basics of stage movement at the Theatre Faculty of the JAMU; since 2005, he has assisted in prof. Brettschneiderová's theatre acting studio.

As a choreographer or movement consultant he has co-operated on several productions, mostly with the director Pitínský: "Liška Bystrouška" (Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, dir. J. A. Pitínský - The Sazka and Divadelní Noviny Award for the best Czech production in 2005), "The Marriage of Figaro" (Městské divadlo Zlín, dir. Zdeněk Dušek), "The Threepenny Opera" (Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, dir. Martin Porubjak), "Divá Bára" (Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, dir. J. A. Pitínský), "Lulu" (Hadivadlo, dir. Martin Porubjak), "Gospel of Matthew" (Divadlo Husa na Provázku, dir. J. A. Pitínský), "The Peach Blossom Fan" (Divadlo v Dlouhé, dir. J. A. Pitínský). He is one of the founding members of the Malé divadlo kjógenu. He co-operated with Česká televize (the Czech national TV) on the production of the programme "Styl" and also on the episode of "Divadlo žije" (a TV programme about current theatre news and events) that concerned Brno.