Ciré Beyé

undefinedHe started his art career by acting in the city St. Louis. There he met a famous senegal dancer and a choreographer Germain Acognie who showed him a new way of expression. Now he's not only a dancer and a choreographer, who travels around the world, but also a main assistant of Geraine Acognie.

He's working mainly in the company Jant-bi and he is one of the founders of the association Cikao Baax Yaye. This association supports dancers, musicians and another artists but especially young people and children in their art creations. His lessons are accompanied by Libass Guye - an excellent drummer and a percussionist. He started his artistic work as a carver of kalabas but he gave it up in five years and he has exchanged his interest into diembe. He attends to sing and play the traditional senegal's instruments.