Barbora Voráčová


She graduated from Difa JAMU in 2011, field of Radio and television scriptwriting and dramaturgy, with a radio play Vendo inspired by the life and work of a poet and visual artist Václav Ryčla. During her studies, she concentrated mainly on radio, theatre and authorial creativity. She worked on radio documents for Český rozhlas Olomouc which she also collaborated with as an author (a Životopisy series or originally a theatre play transformed into a radio one Kabaret Kaldera). She has been devoted to theatre activities for many years, she was playing in Divadlo v 7 a půl (Chimena, Lolita etc.) and since 2007, she is a member of Divadlo na cucky in Olomouc which she writes for, sometimes plays in, does promotion and dramaturgy as well.

Regarding movie field, she has already been a co-author of a script for two Czech TV documentaries (Vila Primavesi from Příběhy domů series, Život bez značek from Ta naše povaha česká series) and an assistant director during the shooting of Pavel Jandourka´s movie Kája a Zabi.

In 2010, she did an internship in Oslo where she studied an interesting theatre discipline -storytelling. She has been doing it since then. She organizes workshops of storytelling in both Czech and English (Týden improvizace in Olomouc, a workshop in Veselí nad Moravou, Palackého Univerzita in Olomouc, JAMU). She also works with actors on plays rehearsed using the method of storytelling (Jsem nebe – Divadlo na cucky, První dáma platí, druhá leze z gatí – Damúza o.s.).

ACTING - STORYTELLING Searching project

Brno 20.7.-29.7.2012

Storytelling, which is not much known or researched in the Czech Republic, could come under the category of performance. It is based on a performance in front of an audience and it is another kind of a theatre production.

The storyteller is not playing someone else, while telling a story he is himself. He has his own view on the story. He can become different story´s characters, but he does not have to, it is upon his interpretation and skills. He can sing, dance, play the characters or end the story in a form of monologue, it is up to him, the important is his own interpretation. The storyteller can perform alone or in a group, the storytelling can form one whole theatre piece, a play itself, or it can be split into parts according to different stories.

The basic thing in storytelling is the image the storyteller wants to evoke in one´s mind, an image which is being created here and now and for this audience. The storyteller creates a certain atmosphere, he illustrates his story with theatrical means, ´painting´ it in front of an audience's eyes so that they can take it with the atmosphere and feelings when they leave the theatre.

During the workshop, every participant will work on his own story. While using various games and exercises in pairs or in a group, everybody will try to examine his story, name its basic principles and tell it in a natural and authentic way, using theatrical means for the balance. The workshop is a kind of return to the most basic - stories.