Anna Štěrbová

Campo Amor-Beer (43) Anna Štěrbová was born in Prague, where she made her dance education in the Dance Center Prague conservatory and gain here first stage experience with a school company (choreographies from Attila Egerházi, Allessandro Matta, Hege Scafle and others). After she finished her absolutorium, she went to futher studies in Italy in Scuola di balletto classico in Regio Emilia under the supervision of Liliana Cosi. Here she also took a part in Don Quichotte and Ground Zero (choreographed by Marinel Stefanescu) productions. After she worked with Martin Vraný (So... Now What?).

Since a season 2006/07 until a season 2012/13 she was first a member and later a soloist of the Landestheater Linz company under the artistic direction of Jochen Ulrich. During this period she embodied few main and titel roles... Cinderella in Cinderella, Anna Arkadjewna Karenina in Anna Karenina, Anna in Zaubernacht/Die sieben Todsünden, Clorinda in Campo Amor, Die Gehilftin in Rumi In Flammen, Amme in Romeo und Julia.

She also worked wit choreographers such as Katrín Hall (Die Vier Jahreszeiten), Mei Hong Lin (Das Haus  der Bernarda Alba), Darrel Toulon (Peter und der Wolf). During the fix contract she also took a part in projects with Martin Dvořák (Fear and/or desire 2007), Gabriel Wong (Emotions Suites - Excretion, ProART Company / 2008), Rafael Valdivieso (With a pure Heart 2009), (Be still, my heart 2009) - semifinal in Hannover Choreography competition. In season 2013/14 she works in Linz under the artistic direction of Mei Hong Lin.


The class focuses on performing sequences applying balance, coordination, technique and expressive skills to achieve harmony with the partner and thus developing a mutually supportive approach to learn steps and movements. Dancer is encouraged to respond creatively and flexibly, and to interpret and provide signals to the partner while dancing.

PRAGUE 28th of July - 3rd of August