Anet Fröhlicher


Anet Fröhlicher was born in Switzerland and lived in Spain, where she made her formation of flamenco dance. Anet Fröhlicher is trained also in classical ballet and contemporary dance, among other in Berlin, Bern and New York. After many years of dancing traditional flamenco in various companies, she devoted herself to contemporary, experimental flamenco dance. Since then, she has been addressing the question of how this art form, which is shaped by traditions and, in part, fraught with clichés and pathos, can be placed in new contexts and staged at a distance from its conventional styles and aesthetic obligations. Since 2001 she is the artistic director and choreographer of the company el contrabando and is touring with this company in Europe, Africa and Southamerica. She recieved various dance awards in Switzerland.

In ProART Festival el contrabando will berform in Brno and Prague, thanks to support of Pro Helvetia.



Contemporary Flamenco

Brno 27. + 28.7. 2013

In the workshop she will introduce in the technique and energy of flamenco dance,develope structures, which can be used to communicate between the dancers,and a short choreography.