Alex Kyriakoulis

undefined Alex was born in 1980. He is a graduate of Economics Sciences, he has studied acting and directing at Drama School and continued his higher education on contemporary dance technique and choreography.

He worked as a dancer with many dance companies and he founded La Verita Dance Company in 2007. As a choreographer and dancer of La Verita, he has presented their work at many festivals in Paris, Luxemburg, Prague, Giessen, Brussels, Nicosia, Athens and many other cities in Europe.

Recently, he has been teaching his own vocabulary in contemporary dance technique , as well as in contemporary ballet. Since 2011, he has been collaborating with Terpshichore Voor Dans in Belgium giving workshops in many other academies and schools in Europe. He has taught in the Centre de Creation Choreographique Luxembourgeois, at the ProART Festival in Prague and he worked at the Professional Dance Academy Grigoriadou in Athens and many other Dance Schools.

Prague 29.7.-5.8.2012

The class aims is how you can dance on the floor and the air with physicality and with minimum muscular effort. How you can use gravity, the floor, your center. Exercises will focus on a good body warm up, using material from release technique. Then movement phrases, as an extension of floorwork, will direct the body to the space, playing with the levels and finally with specific material dance with different qualities of movement.