STB: Simple Total Beauty

Abstract dance piece about the relativity of beauty and physical transformation of feminity. Beauty as an evolution of aesthetics. Beauty as an evolution of ethics.

Choreography: Martin Dvořák and dancers
Music: P. Rose (Scuba Triangulation)
Costume design: Martin Dvořák and Věra Šatochinová
Performing: Junior ProART Company - Anna Dynková, Petra Kadeřávková, Lenka Mrlinová, Magda Poláková, Libuše Vejrová and Žaneta Valentová
Duration: 26 min.

Beauty as an evolution of aesthetics.
Beauty as an evolution of ethics.
The transformation of matter in spiritual beings.
Abstract "inanimate" forms on the way to innside experience while searching for her.
The transformation of the child in a woman, women in the old woman.
Prototypes of femininity 21st century formed of the influence and
environment pressure .
Where does begin our personal perception of beauty and where it's a program of the society?
We are the victims of fashion waves and trends. We transform along with its outer shell and its interior.
These conditions are dependent on each other or not?
Number of issues and facts as the inspiration for a dance piece based on improvisation and working with emotional states and their physical transformations.
"A simple total beauty" as a possible ambivalent to loathing and bad taste, reflecting the aesthetic and ethical perception today.

STB: Simple Total Beauty / performances 2010

8. a 9. 12. 2010, 19:30h - Praha, Alta - Hala 30

31. 7. 2010, Městská knihovna v Praze - Festival ProART


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