Catalina Carrasco - Realidad Invisible - brazosDancer, choreographer, dance teacher. Graduated in contemporary dance at the Miguel Hernández University. Further dance education in Londres, Berlin, Rejkyavik, Barcelona, Madrid & Tel Aviv. She has been educated in ballet, butoh, dance theatre, contemporary dance (Limon, Graham, Release, fly-low, CI, improvisation & Gaga) she’s practising Yoga and Katsugen for several years. In her workshops she uses all the knowledge acquired during her many years of experience as a performer in several companies in Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Chile & Germany and her more than 10 years experience as a dance teacher. So, she applies all her own research and takes benefit of the acquired experiences. In her classes one main target is finding the own particular movement, following schemes developed by her own and that led her to find her own language.


  • Improve the consciousness of every action and deepen into perception
  • Conscious utilisation of breath and its sound
  • Technique from the easiness and smoothness, this way improving presence.
  • Listening: partner work, trios and quartets by means of exercises and choreographies
  • Improving creativity, surprise, action and reaction. Being more present and open to what’s happenig at the very instant
  • Catch the momentum, the impulse, detect it and create instantly
  • Find freedom into creation and movement, so that unprecedented can emerge.
  • Value trust and experience, defeat doubt


  • There is always a part for research and another one for creation, that could be by means of instantaneous composition or choreography.